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Jamie loves horror movies, spicy foods, and all things furry-human and animal alike, but pole dancing and photography are her passions. Dance has brought her all over the US, camera by her side, and allowed her to capture those fleeting, grab-your-heart-and-squeeze moments. But it's in the studio-photography or pole-that Jamie fares best. Her fun-but-focused shoots mirror her eclectic personality: professional, but making you feel as comfy as you would chowing Capt'N Crunch in your footie pajamas on the couch.

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Makeup Artist

Mao Xiong is the makeup artist for studio 106. She has worked for MAC, Dior, and in movies and print ads across the country. Her love for the beauty industry started with her passion for art. Combining that passion in her work she creates signature looks, and extraordinary lash techniques that are bespoke to her clients. From movie sets to your private boudoir photo shoot, you have an artist that no other studio in town can provide.

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Hair Stylist

Sarah is the hairstylist for Studio 106. She has worked in the hair industry for almost a decade and achieved her dream of owning her own hair salon/studio called 13th Studio. Her love for fashion and the entertainment industry sparked her passion for hair styling. In her spare time, Sarah can be found tap dancing, or spending time with her Great Dane Scarlett and her cat Wednesday.